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Amaryllis Studios

What does "Amaryllis" mean?

Between theory and practice there is a sea. When summer ends, the amazing amaryllis (ancient Greek: Amaryllid), also known as sea lily, begins to make its appearance. Other names for it are Pancratium maritimum, Seadaffodil, Sand Lily.


The food

With plenty of food options, you can find what you want and try unique flavors of the region.

The paths

Find the trails in the area and explore them with your loved one, always with caution.

The sea

Enjoy the unique beaches of northern Greece, clean and accessible for all ages.


Air Conditioning

Our studios provide you with the coolness you want on hot summer days.


Our kitchen is fully equipped for your needs, including cooking utensils.


It is possible to provide a cot if requested by the management.


Wireless Wi-Fi network with reliable speeds for all guests every hour of the day.


The balconies of the studios have a view that will enchant you from sunrise to sunset.


The bathroom areas are clean and equipped with the necessary cleaning products.